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An exciting way to Teach   Disc sports

Download the Indoor/Outdoor Disc It Physical Education Unit For Free Today

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"Disc It is the perfect tool for engaging students with disc sport education"

Getting Started

We created the Disc It Physical Education Unit to provide students with a fun and engaging environment that encourages physical activity and the development of lifelong healthy habits.


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Teach disc sports the fun way

Getting Started
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How It Works

How it works

The Disc It Physical Education unit is structured into a 6-day plan which can easily be shortened or extended to meet every school's needs. The unit is designed to teach students new skills while allowing them to play Disc It before and after receiving lessons on how to properly set up plays. Our expert video instructors will guide students towards successfully applying the mechanics of different disc throwing and catching techniques. 

Setup takes 3 minutes on any flat indoor or outdoor surface.


By making learning disc sports fun, students will be more motivated to participate and learn the skills needed to become successful disc sport players while also improving overall physical health and other critical skills.  

Physical Fitness

Disc It is an engaging disc sport that is proven to make running less painful and more fun with new and exciting objectives. A student may up to 1 mile in a single 15 minute game. Running made fun for all!


Disc It is a team sport that is proven to improve communication skills among even the quietest in the group. In Disc It, players work with their teammates to outmaneuver the players from the opposing team.

Strategic Thinking

Disc It is full of passing, scoring, interceptions, rebounds, turnovers, and even penalty shots. This dynamic disc sport is guaranteed to have your students thinking strategically.

The Benefits

teach disc sports the fun way

To get started, download the free Disc It Physical Education Unit

At Disc It, we are passionate about promoting physical fitness and well-being among students. We believe that everyone can learn disc sports. Our approach is designed to make learning fun and engaging, while also helping students develop the skills they need to succeed. 



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